Upgrade your guests' experience in your hotel

Receive their offers for room upgrades.
Maximize your up-sell revenue.

Allow your guests to bid online on room upgrades prior to their arrivals

Set up your minimum and maximum upgrade prices.
The system will send out emails with upgrade offers.
Your guests can offer their upgrade price & book extra services (breakfast, transportation, room amenities).
Hotel decides if to accept or deny the upgrade offer.

If the offer is Accepted, the guest will receive an upgrade for the additional price.

If the offer is Denied, their reservation remains as it was.

Benefits & Features

Send out room up-sell opportunities

Increase Revenue and Occupancy

Up-selling makes a big impression on your revenue’s bottom line. Re-sell your freed up lower room categories to new customers to also increase your occupancy.

Share your latest news with guests

Minimize the number of free upgrades

Sell your higher room categories for a discounted rate instead of having them empty or upgraded for free. Have your guests decide what an upgrade is worth to them.

enhance your guest stay

Increase guest satisfaction

Enhance guest’s stay with discounted higher room categories and added services. Higher guest satisfaction equals favourable reviews and return business.

Plan Ahead Of Time

and give your front desk staff reliability and time in assigning rooms and knowing your guests’ requests before their arrivals.

Easy & Fast Setup

Complete the setup in just minutes and start up-selling your rooms.

PMS & Booking Engine Interfaces

We are interfaced to various providers to facilitate the sending and receiving of upgrade offers.

Stay In Control Of Your Upgrades

by defining your own strategy and conditions under which your guests are offered the upgrade opportunity.

Customized Emails

Customize the pre-arrival and up-selling message sent to your guests.

100% Cloud Based

No hardware and software required.


Up-selling is easier than selling to new customers
and it helps your hotel grow quickly.

The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.
The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.

( Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance )