Pre-Arrival Upselling

Upgrades via a bidding system – the most engaging & exciting way for guests to customize their stay !

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Room Upgrades

Your guests will be able to request a room upgrade prior to their arrivals via UpsellGuru’s dynamic bidding system.

  • Hotel sets floor & ceiling prices, we yield the range according to occupancy.
  • Offers are accepted according to room availability and offer strength.
  • Automated process – from sending of the request to the updating of the PMS.
Q :Why should we use a bid-for-upgrade system?
A :Bidding generates higher conversions, revenue and engagement from guests.
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Ancillary Services

Offer your guests the chance to purchase additional services from a customized guest service menu.

  • Personalize your guest service menu so that every guest receives a perfectly tailored offer.
  • Customize your offers and be creative!
  • These personal touches highly increases guest satisfaction – and your bottom line.
Q :What is the average conversion rate on upsells?
A : Average conversion is 12% for rooms and 14% on extras.


Sending customized & branded emails and upgrade offers guarantee a higher engagement and conversion.

  • Fully customized to your brand. Your guests think they're communicating with your hotel, and not a 3rd-party.
  • Stunning emails, designed to convert and to engage your audience.
  • Target up-sell offers based on guest segmentation - the right upsell to the right guest.
Q :Can we also send our other pre-stay, in-house and post-stay emails with UpsellGuru?
A :Yes, we can take care of the entire pre stay, in-house & post stay guest journey.
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Bid-for-upgrade & Dynamic Pricing

What can be more dynamic than a bidding system? We yield & calculate the best pricing for optimal conversion and revenue.

  • Set your floor & ceiling prices and our dynamic pricing module will calculate the perfect bidding range.
  • Pricing yield according to your room & hotel availability, LOS, day of the week and other criteria.
  • Up to 25% higher conversion with a bid-for-upgrade tool compared to fixed price offers.
Q :Do you integrate with our PMS? What is the difference between 1 and 2-way integrations?
A :2- way integration means 100% automated where a 1-way requires minimal work by your team to update the PMS with the upgrades. Check out our Integrations page for details.
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Your Upsell Control Center – all your up-sells, transactions and reports in one place.

  • Extensive reporting and data analysis to understand and fine-tune your upselling strategy.
  • Easy setup and access to all your upselling items.
  • Group Dashboard - One log-in to access all your properties, plus group reporting.
Q :How do I get started? How long is the setup process?
A :Entire setup, training and go-live in just a few hours. Contact us or book a demo to get started.