Online Check-In

Let your guests check-in before arriving at the hotel. Streamline operations and minimize waiting time

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How it works

  • Guests can check-in via email, SMS or QR Code on any device before arrival.
  • All fields can be customized so that you can receive the information that you require.
  • Guests can sign to agree with your T&C’s. You’ll receive a pdf version of the registration to your mailbox.
Q : What is the average conversion rate of guests checking-in prior to arrival?
A : On average 65% of guests will use the online check-in option.
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Registration Card Upselling

Personalize your guests’ stay and drive revenue at the time of registration. Examples of popular up-sells at this stage:

  • Early arrival and late departure depending on your guest’s estimated time of arrival/departure.
  • Candlelight dinner, bottle of champagne, etc. for guests celebrating special occasions during their stay.
  • “Free upgrades” such as Housekeeping opt-outs with benefits.
Q :  Shall I use Registration Card up-selling if I already send a separate upsell email?
A :  Different types of offers work best at different stages of the guest journey. Your upsell strategy should tailor to each of the touchpoints.