How It Works

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John booked a Standard Room at the Grand Budapest hotel.
Shortly before his arrival he receives an automated email inviting him to upgrade his stay.

John has the chance to PLACE A BID FOR ROOM UPGRADE and pay what he thinks an upgrade is worth to him.
(A possible minimum and maximum offer were obviously decided by the hotel).
If the hotel is happy with his offer, they will grant the upgrade and John pays the difference.
If not, John’s reservation will remain as it was.

John also has the chance to BOOK ADDITIONAL SERVICES.
As he previously did not book breakfast, he decides to add it to his reservation now and
also to surprise his wife with some Champagne and strawberries.

Close to John’s arrival, The Grand Budapest Hotel decides to give John the upgrade to the Junior Suite.

THE HOTEL is happy that they could upsell a guest into
a Junior Suite instead of granting out free upgrades, plus increasing their revenue & ADR.
JOHN is happy he could upgrade his stay for a discounted rate.
JOHN'S WIFE is happy about the Champagne.



Getting Started

How do I get started?

Email us or click on “SIGN UP” to get started. We will contact you and get you ready to start in less than 1 day.

How to obtain a free demonstration of UpsellGuru?

Just contact us and we will set up an appointment to demo the system online with you. As UpsellGuru is very easy to use, the demo will just take a few minutes of your time.

What is the implementation process of UpsellGuru?

The hotel setup in our extranet is very straightforward and can be completed in just minutes and you can get started sending bid requests to your guests. It may take more time to go live if you require an integration to your PMS or booking engine (see the “Interface” section below).

Does UpsellGuru require any other special software or system specifications?

UpsellGuru does not require you to install any hardware or software. As a web-based application it just requires you to have an internet connection. We support all major web browsers.

My Hotel

How will my hotel benefit from UpsellGuru?

Your hotel can increase their revenue by increasing the number of up-sells and cross-sells. By freeing up your lower room categories you will be able to sell these, raising your occupancy. Your guests will also be very happy to “win” bids for a better room type.

Is my hotel suitable to use the system?

Any type of hotel can work with UpsellGuru. For best results your hotel should have more than 1 room type and receive a fair amount of direct bookings (as we require the customer’s email to send the offers).

Can your system handle multiple properties?

The UpsellGuru extranet allows changing between multiple properties with the same login ID to ensure fast access.

Sending Up-sell notifications

Which customer information does your system require to send up-sell offers? How will it be imported into the system?

The system only requires: guest name, email, stay dates and room booked. This information can be entered manually or imported from your PMS or booking engine (see the “Interface” section below).

Which of my customers will receive up-sell offers?

You can send offers to every customer booked in your hotel from which you have the email addresses.

When will the up-sell offers be send and when do I need to decide if I accept or deny it?

The hotel can decide when to send the email offers and when to make the upgrade decision. If UpsellGuru is interfaced with your PMS or booking engine, you can set up automatic email delivery x days after the booking date and/or x days before arrival.

How will the emails the system send look like?

The emails have the hotel’s name as sender and the look will be white-labelled to your hotel.


What are the charges for using UpsellGuru?

There are different payment models that we work with: commission basis or monthly flat fee. We will consider a different revenue model for non-room related extras. There are no setup, maintenance or training charges. IBE/PMS interface charges may apply.

What is the billing cycle?

We will charge you every month end for the upsells occured that month.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by all popular cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, as well as PayPal and wire bank transfers.

What is the billing cycle?

It is a 30-day billing cycle (there are also 6 and 12 months discounted payment plans). Your contract gets renewed every month, unless cancelled with 1 month notice.

When and how do the customers pay for their upgrades?

Your customers will pay for upgrades and extra services purchased directly with you at the hotel.

What is the minimum and maximum offer a guest can bid for an upgrade?

This is entirely up to your property. In the setup you can set minimum and maximum bid offers for every room type.


Can your system interface with our booking engine or PMS? What is the cost?

UpsellGuru successfully integrates with number of hotel PMS software and booking engines in the market. If your provider does not interface with us yet, we can get in touch with them to see if a two-way interface is possible. If they do not charge for the interface, we won’t charge you.

Up-selling is easier than selling to new customers
and it helps your hotel grow quickly.

The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.
The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.

( Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance )