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June 7, 2022

Raus: A platform for nature immersion

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Raus, a Berlin-based hospitality-tech company that rents out cozy, sustainable cabins in nature, offers its guests the opportunity to customize their stay according to their own preferences through various add-on offers with tech support from UpsellGuru. Thus, the complete guest journey is digitized, making pristine surroundings seamlessly accessible.

Raus is creating opportunities for people to explore or reconnect with nature and spend time in thoughtfully equipped cabins. The accommodations are self-sufficient, run on solar power and come with sustainable dry toilets. Not only the complete guest communication in terms of booking, arrival and departure is based on the digital infrastructure of UpsellGuru, but also the various offers to add additional services to each stay.

Image of RAUS Cabins Sauna Facilities

While increasing revenue and streamlining operations within a niche offering can be somewhat challenging, Raus identified an opportunity to upsell the use of its newly launched sauna facilities, guided stargazing, services of local providers such as farmers and foresters as well as gourmet food and beverage packages. 

Partnering with UpsellGuru to automate their upselling communications attracted immediate results. Raus saw a healthy return in increased revenue and achieved an impressive 80% uptake rate from their guests with a conversion rate of 25% on the sauna facilities.

"We don't only see ourselves as a pure cabin business, but as a platform for nature immersion and UpsellGuru helps us to make the stay of each of our guests even more unique with extraordinary offers." - Raus co-founder: Julian Trautwein 

If you are looking to explore and experience the upselling magic of UpsellGuru get in touch with us:, or book  a demo here.

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