April 28, 2022

How to effectively communicate your upsell offers

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Upselling communications that are personalized, well timed and versed all make up the building blocks of a successful hotel, and can mean all the difference in an ever evolving and competitive industry.

An approach with careful consideration is recommended, so as to not tarnish your brand reputation by coming across as pushy, a best practice here would be to use a helpful tone instead of a standard sales pitch, giving them the information they require to create further interest with their own intent.

Speak to your audience as if they were at your front desk. Gone are the days of sending standard emails with greetings such as: “Dear Guest…”, with the advancements made in the technological space, harnessing consented data is easier than ever, and should be incorporated to send personalized emails, greeting your guest by name, and going as far as personalizing their upsell offers based on market segmentation, booking details, stay dates, room booked etc. 

We've discussed the importance of personalization, which goes hand in hand with our next point, timing. As mentioned above the timing of your upsell emails can make all the difference by communicating to your customers not only when they are most likely available to read and make considerations, but also giving them enough time from the date of booking, balanced with the amount of time before arrival, allowing them to personalize their stay prior to arrival, further enhancing their guest experience before they have even arrived in your lobby.

The next point we move onto will send your upselling communications to the next level, and although this can seem challenging, thanks to the help of a proprietary upselling system such as “UpsellGuru”, this can all be automated for you.

Now that we have curbed your enthusiasm, you are probably wondering what this next point could be, without further ado, we introduce: Gamification!

While most other upselling systems give you the option to create incremental offers for your guests such as “Upgrade from a standard room to a suite for only $40 extra”. UpsellGuru’s proprietary bidding system gives your guests control of the amount they wish to bid, within the comfort of the parameters you have set such as minimum and ceiling amounts, invoking excitement through gamification. 

Now, you may be asking: What about amenities? UpsellGuru creates the perfect opportunity for your guest to further personalize their stay by selecting extra’s, and this all happens with the same pre-arrival communication, giving your guests the right information and creating intent without spamming them with annoying emails. 

A best practice here would be to profile your guests and send specific offers to the correct segments, all possible with UpsellGuru, truly making the system: Dynamic, automated and customized, living up to its reputation for being the most exciting way to offer upgrades and increase hotel revenue.

Find out more about UpsellGuru or get in touch and experience the upselling magic for yourself here.

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